aycan smartvisit

Currently, the healthcare market is flooded with apps designed to help manage one’s fitness and health digitally. On the one hand, it is often difficult to compare the benefits and advantages in the application and, on the other hand, to assess possible risks with regard to protecting one’s own data.

So what are the special features of aycan smartvisit? Why is it the ideal system for patients, clinics and providers?


The special feature: Content and graphical adaptation of the user interface of the app!

This allows hospital operators to tailor the aycan smartvisit app to their specific needs – because every facility is different. This gives you the opportunity to customize the look not only for individual clinics and wards of a group, but even for each patient individually. The picture on the right shows such a customizing.

Data security

The special feature: Data is never stored on the internet!

All data is always encrypted and transmitted directly to the remote station. In addition, the data is encrypted according to the latest security standards and can only be opened and displayed via special interfaces and programs. aycan smartvisit secures all data in accordance with German data protection law.

And: Only the patient decides who gets his health data for evaluation (clinic, rehab, family doctor, specialist …), which data exactly and when this happens.


The special feature: HL7 and IHE XDS interfaces for an optimal connection!

With the current eHealth technology from aycan smartvisit, clinics and providers are enabled to couple the smartphone health data of their patients with their health record. Through standardized HL7 and IHE XDS communication, the system adapts to your IT infrastructure. The picture on the right shows such a process.

iOS und Android

We offer aycan smartvisit for both mobile operating systems so you can reach as many patients as possible. The app was adapted to the respective system in order to enable optimal operation and integration.