Patients—Empowered for Improved Care

aycan smartvisit enables patients to assume a more active role in thier treatment, and stay actively involved with thier care network (physicians, nursing teams, home caregivers, family members).  Studies show that when patients share their health information, they receive better support, and their overall treatment and quality of it is improved. 

Typical Applications Include:

  • Chronic pain
  • Asthma
  • Heart failure
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Epilepsy

How it Works

Using an Apple iOS device (iPhone, iPad, etc.), patients manually enter data into the aycan smartvisit app, which also collects and stores data from their medical wearables1. Patients can then monitor their data and securely share it—only the patient can decide what data they want to share, and when and with whom they share it.

With aycan smartvisit, patients can:

  • Monitor their treatment plans
  • Monitor their disease symptoms
  • Track the effectiveness of their medications1
  • Monitor their vital signs
  • Enter data into questionnaires
  • Manage their data/findings
  • Share their data/findings

aycan smartvisit:

  • Reminds patients to take their medications1, exercise, and record measurements and complaints, which promote adherence to treatment plans and the quality of treatment
  • Provides patients with direct feedback, via built-in progress indicators, which helps motivate patients, showing them the relationship between treatment adherence and progress

Secure Data Collection, Storage, and Transmission

When the patient shares their data, its encrypted and transmitted (without storage on the Internet!) to a secure server where it’s stored and encrypted according to the latest security standards, and can only be opened via special interfaces and programs. With aycan smartvisit, patient data is secured in accordance with strict data protection laws. 


1only available on iOS