The “Entscheiderfabrik” (literally translated ‘Decision Makers Factory’) is a German initiative that started 10 years ago in an effort to develop viable solutions for IT problems in healthcare clinics. The Factory works with 32 associations, 800 clinics, and 100 industrial companies.

At the annual event, companies can present and submit topics/ideas that can help healthcare clinics. Every year five topics/ideas are selected and participating clinics test whether these topics/ideas provide a useful contribution to their success.

At the 2017 event, aycan presented smartvisit: “Digitization 4.0: Acquisition of Patient Data from Apple HealthKit and Apple CareKit.” aycan smartvisit was among the 5 IT topics/ideas chosen out of 12 finalists.

At the 2018 event aycan was voted again among the 5 IT topics of the year. The title of the project is: “Digitization 4.0: IHE XDS connector for Apple HealthKit and Apple CareKit.”

Together, with project partners from the industry, aycan will work with various clinics to develop a proof of concept for aycan smartvisit, which was introduced at MEDICA 2017 in Dusseldorf, Germany.


ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK Presentation English (PDF)